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Crafting the Extraordinary in Global Entertainment

Global Event Productions Network (GEP Network) is where the world’s most spectacular events come to life. As a full-service Event Production, Event Management, and logistics powerhouse, we specialize in orchestrating large-scale events, tours, festivals, and concerts that transcend borders and expectations. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of event creation – from Talent Acquisition and Negotiations to Event Budgeting, Venue Conceptualization, Stage Design & Construction, and the granular precision of Artist Travel, Logistics, and Hospitality.

Backed by an average of over 25 years experience from each member of our core leadership team, GEP Network stands as a pillar of consistency and reliability in the Global Entertainment Industry. We are not just service providers; we are partners invested in delivering turnkey and bespoke solutions that align with every project’s vision, goals, and objectives.

Production Mgmt.

Oversee all aspects of event production, ensuring seamless execution from concept to completion. Our expertise guarantees efficiency and excellence at every stage.

Production Coord.

Coordinate the myriad elements of event production, facilitating communication between departments to keep projects on track and within budget.

Event Management

Prioritizing the safety and security of all attendees, our barricade and barrier management services are essential for crowd control and emergency planning.

Artist Services

Our suite includes Booking Services for prime gigs, Management for career guidance, Marketing to boost visibility, and Consulting for strategic advice, all aimed at advancing artists' careers efficiently.

Honeyland Music Festival
Stage Mgmt

The directors behind the scenes, our stage managers maintain the pulse of the event, ensuring that each segment transitions smoothly and every performance shines.

Travel Logistics

Effortlessly handling the complexities of travel logistics, we ensure that your artists and equipment arrive safely and on schedule, no matter the destination.

Tour Storage

Offer secure, accessible storage solutions for tour equipment, allowing for ease of mind and logistical efficiency between shows.

Design Services

Specializing in Venue Conceptualization, Video Content, Merch, and Set Design, our services bring your event's aesthetic vision to life, ensuring a unique and cohesive look that captivates and endures.


Easy Access w/ Multiple Docks

Streamline your load-ins and load-outs with our multi-dock warehouse. Quick, efficient access ensures your tour gear transitions seamlessly from the road to secure storage.

Music Industry Expertise

Our tailored storage solutions are fine-tuned with the music industry in mind, ensuring your unique equipment needs are met with the expertise they deserve.

Courteous Service

Experience our friendly, professional service that goes the extra mile. We handle your storage needs with the utmost care and respect, so you can focus on the show.



Let our skilled professionals handle the intricacies of your event.

Production Managers

Production Coordiinators

FOH & Monitor Engineers

Tour & Venue Security

Video Techs

Pyro & SFX Techs

Stage Managers

Carpenters & Stage Hands

Sound & Audio Techs

Backline Techs

Catering Specialists

Bus & Truck Drivers